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Feminism is the belief that women and men should be treated equally.it is an organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and also their interests.

A feminist is someone who supports equal rights for women...if your friend or brother objects strongly to women being paid less than men for doing the same job,he’s probably a feminist, feminist is a belief that equal amount should be paid to both men and women for the same job.
   Women should be allowed the same rights,power and opportunities and men should be treated the same way .

  Anyone can be a feminist,Feminism is a way of life that anyone can adopt.All genders are meant to be treated equally in every sense.Men can also be a feminist,you are a man and your guy friend tells a sexist joke ,tell them NO!!! It isn’t okay to say or think of those things about women ...just because women are not in greater position of social power,these are incidents of discrimination 😒

Feminism isn’t about one person ,it’s not just about you alone ...it’s about 'all of us generally .

  There are some MISCONCEPTIONS about feminism which includes;
1.   FEMINISM IS THE HATRED OF MEN- This is a wrong assumption about feminism,feminists don’t hate men,both genders face different battles...being a feminist doesn’t mean you hate men .

2. FEMINIST DO NOT STRIVE TO BE MORE POWERFUL THAN MEN -feminists want to be equal to men in the society that has told them they are not ,in multiple ways .

3.  BEING A FEMINIST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SEXUAL PREFERENCE-NO!!! You do not have to be a lesbian to be a feminist,I really don’t know where the idea came from that the only people capable of promoting women’s rights are women who prefer other women,but regardless,it’s an incorrect assumption.

4. FEMINISM DOES NOT DESTROY FAMILY VALUES-It doesn’t seek the destroy of expectations of many views,feminist do not set out to destroy values .

5.Being a feminist is not limited to one gender.

6.Feminism and equality are the same thing .
      The conclusion of feminism is not world peace or love and harmony but the removal of universal devaluing of women and women’s work by the society
 The conclusion of feminism will be when we stop assigning gender roles... for example people often say 'you are a girl, you should know how to cook , why can’t a boy know?
Another is  not being Judged by beauty and cooking skills for marriage

When we (girls /ladies /women ) no longer hear silly comments like you are a girl you will have a happy life even if you do not study or earn ....☹️
What is that for? We shouldn't work you mean?

Thank you Fatimah,
This is lovely..

I made this open to two lovely girls,
You can have a taste of the second writer. You need this!
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  1. Thanks for the opportunity ma’am I love the topic too much 😘

  2. You are welcome dear, Thanks for writing.

  3. Beautifully written. Big ups Queens🌹


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