To KISS AND TELL is to tell others about a sexual encounter, usually in order to brag about it. 'Most girls avoid Daniel because they know he loves to kiss and tell' 
By extension, to tell others about something that was supposed to remain private between the teller and the other party, usually to gossip or BRAG about it. 'To be honest, i try not to include Helen in these meetings because she has a tendency to kiss and tell when she's privy to sensitive details'.
All I'm saying is girls also kiss and tell but 'dem niggas do it more😑

If you can't get her damn must you say shit about her..
Starting with boys that haven't given you a hug but all his friends see you as 'hoe because his stupid instinct and assumption has gone three rounds already.
These guys are the worse ever, they are so childish and mannerless and all they can do is say shit to feel among. He (Jack) came to my house, he didn't make an attempt to even kiss or touch me and I was like 'awwwn he is so unique, who does that, the only thing he did was leave my house so late and I kept wandering what kind of person he is..I just let it slide because I didn't know his intentions, we did nothing so why should I talk about it, I didn't even tell my friends about it, I just let it go. In school the next day, he kept staring and couldn't say hi (he was with his friends btw) and so I looked away, he sat behind me and he kept tapping my feet, I occasionally gave him a smile and kept my cool, after the class his friend walked up to me and said ''How on earth will you do that, I see you as decent and mannered and I sent my friend to give you a test and you failed, you even......I didn't allow him go further as I was totally lost, so I walked away without saying a word. This guys kept me wondering😐I had to tell my Male best friend and he said I was wrong for walking away that I should have said something at least but really I didn't know what to say..I gave Jack a call when I got home and this friend picked up his phone and said you really disappointed me and I will tell my other friends about it. Now first of all, what is this trash for, what are you even saying, you are so sick and then I hung up..I won't go further in this as I have other stories to tell you. You might think Jacks friend is young but he is 23 and I wonder why he is this childish. Jack himself is the most silly one ever, I didn't even care to know what the told his friends buI I stopped talking to him from that point. He apologized but those words can't be erased, he made them have bad impressions of me,,I DON'T CARE ANYWAYS but it was totally annoying.''I HOPE YOU READ THIS NIGGA''

The next are those that asked you out and you didn't give a YES or NO to.
A lot of us fall into this category basically because we feel they are better as friends and we don’t wanna loose the attention he is giving and so we stick to him as a friend with support😁 I won't totally say benefits, lets leave this as supports *lol*
So i met this guy, we vibe well, we talk endlessly, we read together (got me more attached), he sometimes attend my church and vice versa, we were so cool that we started to get people jealous. No string attached yet chill😁😁 he asked me out (spoilt my flow😯) said all the sweet words they always say,SMH and then I said ''We are better as friends, I don't wanna destroy this vibe we have already, I think we don't need more than what we are now, we are....He pulled me close and then hmmmmmmmm😝.It was a deep kiss that got me speechless for the next hour, I couldn't say a word and he had to go. Honestly from that point I didn't see him as a friend anymore and we couldn't just connect for the next few days. We started acting cold and my amebos were questioning us again. We decided to see to talk it out and we got along again, we started adding strings and strings and strings and strings LMAO! not that bad tho but I really liked him. I was single, he was and so we didn't mind. My lovely nigga had this friend that was like you went before me, I liked her, I knew her before you met her, I wanted to this and that bla bla bla.. Who cares about you, abeg shift..I really wish I could mention names but noooo I wont😛 I liked this his friend too, I mean I was cool with him, he bis cuter and all but I didn't want shii with him. Fast forward to whenever, my guy met another girl that actually gave him what he wanted and agreed to be his girlfriend. He told me about it and I acted so cool with it but mehn I was so pained😣. This gave his friend opportunities to get closer but I didn't allow that. I kept pushing him away..At this point we were all totally apart and he kept coming to apologise FOR WHAT NA, LEAVE ME ALONE! WE CAN'T BE ANYMORE, I CAN'T SHARE FREE ME. Those are my regular words. He didn't want to leave and he didn't want to stay either. I didn't give him a yes so why was I this pained...We stopped seeing for a long while.
One day some guy walked up to me to told me the worse thing I have heard all my life. This guy was in the midst of about 6 niggas like him (we were al;l in the same department so you can imagine how silly that is) he told them how bad I was with some styles. He was even being specific..Like first of all, when did we do the do, when, when, tell me let me know not to talk of having silly styles with you.. YOU ARE REALLY SICK..I guess you are a kid anyways and you don't deserve my explanations, I didn't ask him about this but it was too obvious he said it. I hate arguments and I let this go again..I HOPE YOU READ THIS TOO SILLY YOU!

The third type of them are those you don't even talk to...

my face when you say things about me that I don't even know..
I'm like really, we haven’t  spoken to each other before and you have......OMG! my God is watching yunno!

I'm so tired that I can't continue, I guess I will leave his for another day,,
Thanks for getting this far..


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