I know it's such a cliche to say I love Valentine's Day and every year I get excited about it and I truly believe we should celebrate our love every day of the year and not only on the 14th of February. But yes, I love this day.  I love everything about it, the mood, the flowers, everything pink and red, people that are happy and celebrating and look after each other. Love is in the air my dear friends!
Today I'll be giving you some easy tips to make today better...
-I will be starting with my single brothers and sisters😅, You are single today doesn't make you rejected, you can still hang out with your single friends to prevent trouble(I'm sure you know what i mean,I don't need to explain much)..So if you are single today for some reason or the other here is how to enjoy your day.
💗If you are a personal weirdo like me, you can decide to sleep all day, Ignore all calls, wake, eat, sleep and repeat(ok, that's weird!)
💗You can also try to call everyone you love, wish them a happy valentine, crack some jokes and sleep again😅
💗Dine at a slow food restaurant alone(alone), someone could walk up to u yunno!.. Don't joke with that opportunity, he is single too
💗Go on a sunset hike with hot cocoa and chocolates.
💗Throw a love yourself party
💗You can decide to do some crafts and decoration in your house...
-For my couples I'll be telling you affordable ways to say I LOVE YOU.
💖Write romantic poetry
Poetry is one of the best ways to express the way you really feel without a filter. With poetry, it is encouraged to be as honest and unguarded with your emotions as possible. Lay everything out on the line for your loved one: what you love about, how you felt about your greatest moments together, where you hope your relationships grow. Write to them what you never had the courage to say.

💖Tell your partner you love them with hand signs

Whether with sign language or an expressive, emotional hand display, the use of the physical form to communicate love is a powerful one. A huge element of love is physical attraction and interaction so by using one’s body to communicate affection, it can be a physical metaphor for love itself. Also, it’s just a cute thing to do for your loved one, where you strip away the fancy talking and soliloquizing and reduce your message to the base human interaction that everybody can relate to. Boarding house taught me this.

💖Profess your love in a different language

The key to love is showing your partner that you care to make an effort in your relationship. So, to exhibit how much you love your partner, why not try your hand at learning some other languages? I suggest French and Spanish, as they both sound quite seductive. But, this isn’t about sweeping them off their feet but rather showing how far you will go to profess your undying love.

💖Make Your Loved One a Home Cooked Meal

As great as Taco Bell is, your insides scream every time it passes through your esophagus. Why not find a recipe in a cookbook, hunker down, and cook it for your loved one? It will be a refreshing change of pace and show your partner you’re willing to put in a little effort for romance.
  • Every day I look at you I feel love and inspiration.
  • If I were spelling out my favourite thing in the world, it’d be spelled ‘ Y-O-U‘.
  • I don’t even want to think about what life would be like without you.
  • Everything you do in my life adds to my happiness, subtracts from my sadness, and multiplies my joy!
  • I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.
  • Sometimes I can’t stop looking at you… you look too damn good.
  • You are the person I want to spend my life with – my soul mate.
  • You are the sunshine in my day and the moonlight of my nights.
  • I just wouldn’t feel complete without you.
  • Everything about you turns me on.
  • I cherish you above anything else in my life.
  • I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you.
  • You make my soul sing when you walk into a room.
  • I feel such powerful adoration for you and only you.
  • You are my treasure – the most precious thing in my life.
  • I love you more and more every day.
  • I’m so excited that we have so much time to be with each other.
  • Every time I see you, you leave me breathless.
  • To you – the only person I will ever love.
  • I can’t say it enough – I love you more than anything.

1. All red everything.
All red and hearts, outfits, gifts and even ribbons and gift cards are the reason I like to avoid the streets on Valentine's Day. Of all the things you have in your wardrobe, why pick red? Don't get me wrong, I just love this fire hot colour, but I think it's a big fat cliche on Valentine's Day.
2. Perfume and chocolate as gifts.
The more picky and creative you are with your gifts, the more you catch your loved one off-guard and make this memory last! Break up with the perfume and chocolate combo gift, because you can't go wrong with a personalized gift.
Alternative: What is your man's favorite football team? Turn his favorite team's jersey into a personalized one by including his name on it along with the message 'My Number One.' Another good example, is a personalized pair of sneakers with his initials on it, new gym wear or even a spa membership.
3. Go out on a dinner date.
Dinner reservation for two is one of the most common things couples do on a Valentine's Day. Bust this Valentine's Day cliche, because you will most probably get bad service and the place will be just jammed.
Alternative: Stay in with your hubby and create an atmosphere for him he'll never forget. Cook a unique cuisine for him and pick matching outfits to go along with the mood. It would also be a good chance to embrace one of your intimate fantasies. If you're celebrating it with your boyfriend, cook a meal or bake a cake for him and you might as well enjoy it out in a park.
4. A full bouquet of roses.
The last thing you'd want to give to a guy is a bouquet of flowers. Lots of girls may love roses, but the thing about flowers, is that they die after a couple of days! So how about you give your man your own version of a bouquet?
Alternative: A nicely arranged basket of fruits, cookies or even chocolates will leave a sweet resemblance and taste! Two birds, one stone!
5. Love notes/cards.
If you hit any gift shop, it's likely to find plenty of gift cards bombarded with 'I love you.' Skip this altogether, and let your inner artist come to life.
Alternative: Write your own kind of poem and it doesn't have to rhyme at all! In fact, the worst it is, the better. You could also write a long list of the reasons why you truly love him. He will remember it always!
6. Romantic music.
Love should always be worshiped with good music and lyrics, but isn't it just too cliche to play fluffy music on Valentine's Day? Break the routine and turn up the volume with funky music on.
Alternative: Create a creative playlist that involves some oldies along with new party songs and listen to them while cruising around. You could also make your own kind of karaoke and sing along with the beat, when you're together alone!
At least i got cakes and I'm munching them right now...
I hope you enjoyed this!
 If you are one of those people who just hate this day, tell us all about your feelings, why you are not celebrating ( I used to be one of them when I was single but now I cannot help it, I am hopelessly romantic).#Joking

I hope you are having a fabulous day and I will see you soon!

My secret LOVER!

Hi guys, Welcome to another post.
I didn't do this alone this time..I needed my friends talk too. So straight to what i have today. IT IS....The signs to know he likes you😊
What Are The Signs If Someone Likes You Secretly?

If someone likes you secretly, there are subtle signs that he/she will show you to give you some hints. Here are 10 signs that he/she might show they like you:
  1. Their face lights up when they see you
  2. They will often stare at you and be lost in the moment
  3. They will try to get physical with you, but in a classy way.
  4. They will mirror you (doing the things you do)
  5. They will walk closely with you
  6. They will be jealous when you talk to other people
  7. They will try to “show off” in front of you
  8. They will lean towards you when you are hanging out
  9. They will do cute things for you
  10. They will always be there for you
Most of the time, it’s very easy to have a crush on someone or like someone, but it’s hard trying to know if they like you. If you are already friends with him, it’s easier to know than you think. You will need to watch out for his behaviour and body language. Sometimes it’s hard to identify the behaviours of a shy guy because, they can’t express much unless they are comfortable around you. You will need to give him time to get comfy with you in order for him to express himself.:

You don’t need to wait for the guy to ask you out, we live in an age where it’s almost normal for girls to ask out guys and sometimes you just need to put that initial spark in to create that fire that you always wanted. And it takes a sensible guy not to take you for granted. Here are my friends opinion about it.....

When you are together, he keeps staring at you and then there is an eye contact. Sometimes or most times,he does things to please you, he spares his times to be with you, he seeks your opinion even when he knows what to do already, he pays for your stuff willingly, he stalks you on social media (I can smell experience here)💘

He becomes a little clingy, he needs your face like everyday, your voice is his favourite sound, he smiles when you look at him, he compliments you on you slightest move, he never forgets your birthday, he gives you too much attention and care that u begin to think he is JOBLESS but that's just a sacrifice on his part, he takes you out on dates, he is proud of you anywhere and anytime, he wants to be there o your best and bad days, he is cautious not to offend you and when he thinks you are offended..he get worried, he can't sleep😒 (Jerry wants you to know what he has been doing)..HE HAS FINISHED TYPING WHEN HE ACTUALLY REMEMBERED THAT HE IS THE GUY AND HE MEANT TO SPEAK FOR GIRLS AND NOT HIMSELF
Then he said........
Well you girls have different ways of showing interests but tend to hide it from us (And I'm like that's my question😕 tell me how pls). Most girls who tends to hide their interests but get Jealous whenever you see us with another girl (And I'm like EXACTLY. This happens to me too much). The ones that show it may be flirting with you cus you are cute or something (Jerry is feeling himself already but chill he is actually fine😍). But it hard to tell with those that hide their feelings cos with them they make you feel on top of the world but turn u down at your slightest opportunity and u keep feeling like it's not her fault😅..They sometimes do this thinking the guy might take advantage of their so-called love.💗

She wants to hold my hands in public, She picks up my call too quickly, she asks about my well being, she accept the first offer for a kiss or even sex💏

All the guys after me...I don't even know if it's me they like or the ass so don't ask me (I wasn't expecting a further explanation until she said.. They stalk me big time just because I don't give strangers my digits, they follow me everywhere, They buy gifts for me and invite me over to their houses. Why are all the guys not taking me to public places and this brings me back to the fist thing i said...(Let me know if it's me you like pls😞)

When he is into me, he wants to keep up...Asking too many questions about me including my likes and dislikes, Trying to be so close, Wanting to know if he can help me sort my personal issue and trying to make happy all the time😋😋

Me I'm clueless AF
You could be flirting with me and I'd think you are been friendly..It's annoying cox I later friend zone a potential boyfriend material😢

OH! There is nothing like when somebody likes me secretly because the feelings would radiate over him, he would do some amazing things which the both of us least expect..To me it's a process of loving me secretly, you came out openly to make understand the moves of your heart.(Auntie is paraing😂) All those I like you secretly happen in movies👀, It is not based on real life scenarios, how do you want me to know you like me when you are not even making moves? you have to become my friend and from there we pick it up💝

He gets jealous over slightest things, things that are not even his business (guys can be funny tho but we call it love) and he makes out time for me AWWN!💓💓

No matter how hard you tell him to GET THE HELL OUT, he keeps coming and you feel like you are gonna die already, he tries to please you and to make sure you look at them favourably.

lennah said you shouldn't hide your feelings

He cares unnecessarily..he is over protective (that is obviously what we like but we are in a world where we ignore each other to get each others attention)

He wants to be around you, he makes you happy even when he is sad💔, he tries to be around you even when it is not convenient (not minding the fact that you don't want to see him too.

She is very hospitable, she cares for you like a mother and often calls you her son😍, she tells you how she feels especially when you get her upset, she is true and real around you💕

AND FOR ME....I suck at this because most guys i meet act the same and get me confused about their feelings...So what i do is..I'm cool with all of them and only notice the one i like..If i'm not even noticing you or your love then I'm not interested in you.

And you just have me like...💁

All I'm saying is...Show What Your True Feelings Are, Never Hate Anyone For Showing You Love, and Date With A Purpose Not Just For Fun...

On This note, I'll say thanks for reading!
Thanks to those that participated, this wouldn't be fun without you guys💓
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See you next time😊


Insane Things Men Should Stop Thinking Women Do, Because We Don't

Look for rich men

While some of us may chase wealth, a lot of us aren’t impressed with thick wallets and private planes. While they are nice to enjoy and we wouldn’t deny the offer if approached, not every woman is looking for the next richest man.
It's so annoying how every guy think we are about their money when all we do is focus on being rich for ourselves.

Accept a free drink then ignore you

We didn’t ask you to buy us a drink. You offered to buy us a drink. Just because you offered doesn’t mean we have to stand next to you all night, proving our worth.
Most women would rather buy their own drinks than deal with the burden that comes from having one bought for them. Why are you all about what you got for us? Why should we pay you back by staying with you all night? Think about it, It is a fault on your part. YOU CAN STOP THAT HABIT RIGHT?😒

Don’t answer texts just to be a bitch

We don’t respond to your texts the same reason you don’t respond to ours. We’re just not into it. That doesn’t mean we’re mean, cold-hearted or spiteful bitches.
It usually just means you’ve gotten to the point of obnoxious, and we don’t feel the need to dignify it with a simple text.
And we could just be busy yunno!😏

Think every guy is the one

I'm not sure when this notion came into play, but not every woman thinks the next guy she talks to will be her husband. Not ever woman imagines white gowns and ringing bells after a first date.
Women are rational creatures and many times we know what is best or good for us, we don't imagine marriage at that early stage. Most times we just play along.

Kiss and tell

Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. You’d be surprised how many secrets a woman carries. There are numerous hookups she not only won’t tell her friends about, but refuses to tell herself actually happened. We’re great at forgetting.

Avoid calories at all costs

Some women like to eat. Some women can eat certain men under the table. Some women don't care if you think they're curvy, thick or plump.
Some women like food as much as men and they won't starve themselves to give in to some contrived notion that beautiful women only eat celery. So stop thinking women that eat are just hungry or local as you say.

Envision our lives as housewives

Yes, some of us do want to be wives and mothers. But not all of us sit around dreaming of the house with the white picket fence and perfect wedding.
Some of us imagine career goals and success beyond our wildest dreams. Some of us think about money and power… the same way as men.

Act like a bitch every time we get our periods

If we acted like a bitch every time we got our periods that would mean wasting three months a year being a bitch. Don’t you think we have other things to use our bitchiness on? There are only so many things a woman can bitch over and periods are not one of them. Rather we are just cold.

All this are overemphasised about us and it hits me real bad. So men here are the tips you need to treat us better.

Hey men, what are you planning to do better? Because you need to do better. Here are ideas on how you should treat women better.

*Talk to your friend who is “kind of a creep” at work.
  • *Don’t talk over women.
  • *If you are asked to be on a panel/team and see that it’s all men, say something. Maybe even refuse the spot!
  • *When you see another guy talk over a woman, say: “Hey, she was saying something.”
  • *Don’t call women “crazy” in a professional setting.
  • *Don’t use your “feminism” as a way to get women to trust you. Show us in your day-to-day life, not in your self-congratulatory social media.
  • *Don’t touch women you don’t know, and honestly, ask yourself why you feel the need to touch women in general.
  • *Do you feel that any woman on earth owes you something? She doesn’t. Even if you’re like, “Hm, but what about basic respect?” ask yourself if you’ve shown her the same.
  • *Don’t send pictures of your penis unless she just asked for them.
  • *If a woman says no to a date, don’t ask her again.
  • *If a woman has not given an enthusiastic “yes” to sex, back the hell off.
  • *If a woman is really drunk, she cannot consent to you and she also cannot consent to your buddy who seems to be trying something. Your buddy is your responsibility, so say something and intervene.
  • *If you do the right thing, don’t expect praise or payment or a pat on the back or even a “thank you from that woman”. Congratulations, you were baseline decent.
  • *Involve women in your creative projects, then let them have equal part in them.
  • *Don’t make misogynistic jokes.
  • *Don’t expect women to be “nice” or “cute” and don’t get upset when they aren’t those things.
  • *Don’t make assumptions about a woman’s intelligence, capabilities or desires based on how she dresses.
  • *Pay women as much as you pay men.
  • *If a woman tells you that you fucked up, and you feel like shit, don’t put it on that woman to make you feel better. Apologize without qualification and then go away.
  • *Don’t punish women for witnessing your vulnerability.
  • *Don’t get defensive when you get called out.
  • *Don’t need to literally witness a man being horrible in order to believe that he’s horrible. Trust and believe women.
  • *Don’t use your power to get women’s attention/company/sex/etc.
  • *Be aware of your inherent power in situations and use it to protect women, especially via talking to other men.
  • *Stop thinking that because you’re also marginalised or a survivor that you cannot inflict pain or oppress women.
  • *If women’s pain makes you feel pain, don’t prize your pain above hers, or make that pain her problem.
  • *Don’t read a list like this and think that most of these don’t apply to you.
I hope you enjoyed this,
See you in my next post!


"My official logo is finally out and i enjoy you guys to look out for my new made styles that I'll be posting soon"😊

STYLEBYLENNAH💜! will be doing some new stuff this time on:
FASHION as usual



This is a Q & A section of me!!

Q: The last movie that made me cry?
A: Miracles from heaven

Q: My favourite emoji?
A: 💁💁💁💁

Q: The App I can't live without?
A: Instagram

Q: The last thing I googled?

Q: The last thing I bought?
A: Bueno chocolate and Haribo

Q: Current wallpaper on phone?

Q: What books are on my bedside tables?
A: Some fashion magazine like Jennifer Hudson's

Q: The last person I followed on IG?
A: _Komee

Q: First thing I do when I wake up in the morning?
A: Brush my teeth😀

Q: The last thing i do before i go to bed?
A: Write in my diary

Q: My favourite song?
A: Work from home (fifth harmony)

Q: My favourite food?
A: Chicken and Chips😋😋

Q: My favourite friend?

Q: How tall are you?
A: 5'6

Q: Colour of my eyes?
A: Dark Brown

Q: Most embarrassing moment?
A: Silent room stomach growls😂😂

All for now, You can also ask your questions. I'll be quick to respond...



IT'S A NEW WEEK, I hope you all enjoyed your weekends
I will be helping you slay that inner quitter right now.
She is the reason you hit snooze, flake from fitness plans and give up on that diet three days in. She is your inner quitter and she is lazy AF. Here's how to kill yours off!

1. The inner quitter consist of the shy little girl inside of you.

 2. The elegant chic

 3. The one that doesn't give a fuck

 4. The one that looks at life like there is nothing in it probably because she hasn't achieved so much

All together she is you,
“When the going gets tough, the tough get going” – a platitude that I wish described my life a little bit more. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I’ve been more of the opposite of this common statement.
When the going gets tough…it’s time to quit and begin a new, exciting adventure.
Things are going to get hard, but I’m tired of being afraid that I won’t be able to get through. I am now revoking the inner quitter inside of myself so that I can stop simply being a distant dreamer and begin living my dreams. God has been leading me throughout my entire life, even tho it has been a journey, I haven't achieved all but i keep stepping forward by the day in God's Love and that is all we need to get going...You should learn this few things too yunno😊
+ Rise above hatred and i mean do not hate anyone, I have learnt: to hate is more stressful than to love
+ Stay low key, Not everyone needs to know you.. I have learnt: true friends are rare
+ Chance and time is everything in life. I have learnt: your time and chance differs from mine
Stop feeling like a failure and slay that inner you!. When something doesn't work, try another. Doesn't necessarily mean you should abandon one for the other. Learn something new, visit new places, make new friends and you just see yourself smiling by the day, That point where nothing hurts you no more, where you are just happy with everything around you..It is the inner quitter speaking out and i hope this inspires you to let go of your worries...Remember It Is too early to worry!
Your comments are appreciated....Till Next Time


                                              STRAIGHT   WEAVE   OR   CURLS?




Hair weaves are made of human hair or synthetic hair. Human hair is hair that women have donated or sold. Synthetic hair is made of man-made materials and is usually less expensive than human hair. In general, synthetic hair is not recommended for full hair weaves; this type of weave doesn't move or bounce the way human hair does. Synthetic hair is best for clip-in pieces that women wear for short periods of time. Both human and synthetic hair weaves are available in many different colours, from those that are natural shades to bright shades such as green and blue.


With a hair weave, you have instant length and volume. You also benefit from lower maintenance, as you don't have to do much to weave hair, especially if it's already curled the way you prefer, or coloured. You can experiment with colour, by using different weaves, without risking potential damage to your natural hair. You can try out different textures. Women with straight hair can wear curly hair weaves, and curly-haired women can try out straight weaves.
You get the gist right?

Advantages of Having Straight Hair:

Easy to groom and maintain: The biggest advantage of having straight hair is that it is zero maintenance hair style. All you need is a good hair wash and you are all set for a good hair-day.
you can always fall back on straight hair to get noticed and make you look gorgeous.
Easy to set: When you have straight hair, the use of chemicals or gels can be avoided. Let it dry and settle down after a wash, use a round brush and you are set for the day. For a special occasion, one may choose to use a blow dryer to get a more voluminous look.
It is very convenient to mould straight hair into any hairstyle. In fact, most of the styling ideas go best with straight hair.

Make it short:

Cutting your straight hair really short, will indeed make your facial features stand out! The hair will fall in place, covering the sides of your face perfectly, thereby accentuating your beauty. This is also a very contemporary hairstyle.
Straight hair can give you the benefit of being more creative in styling as you can always experiment with different hairstyles Else, simply let your hair down and feel confident about your appearance. It always comes with an assurance that no matter what, straight hair has been the ever green hairstyle and will always stay in vogue.

To all my fellow curly-haired gals out there: It's finally time to accept the fact that your naturally curly weave  is awesome. Even though we live in a world where sleek, blown-out waves and pin-straight styles tend to reign as the top hair looks, there are so many reasons to love a curly 'do. Whether your ringlets are loose, tame, or wild, why not rock them with confidence and style?
1. Bed Head Is Easy To Achieve
2. You can't tell when it's dirty
3. You don,t have to mess with a curly iron
4. Or Hot Rollers
5. Or even a blow dryer

6. Weather Isn't A Big Problem

7. It Always Looks Like You Put In Effort

8. Frizz is Nothing

9. You Don't Have To Purchase Tons Of Hair Product

10. Up-Dos are Super Easy & Super Chic

11. Getting Ready Requires Half The Time

12. It Looks Good at Short, Medium, and Short Lengths

13. Curls Stands Out In A Crowd

Getting lost in a crowd is seriously never a problem. Just look out for the curls!
Because It's All Yours...

Ultimately, you should love your curls, Whether it's straight, wavy, or curly, but you can also adopt new styles..If you are a fan of the straight weaves like me, you can try the curly weave....And if you love the curly weave, you can try the Straight one....

That should be all for this post...
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