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I know it's such a cliche to say I love Valentine's Day and every year I get excited about it and I truly believe we should celebrate our love every day of the year and not only on the 14th of February. But yes, I love this day.  I love everything about it, the mood, the flowers, everything pink and red, people that are happy and celebrating and look after each other. Love is in the air my dear friends!
Today I'll be giving you some easy tips to make today better... -I will be starting with my single brothers and sisters😅, You are single today doesn't make you rejected, you can still hang out with your single friends to prevent trouble(I'm sure you know what i mean,I don't need to explain much)..So if you are single today for some reason or the other here is how to enjoy your day. 💗If you are a personal weirdo like me, you can decide to sleep all day, Ignore all calls, wake, eat, sleep and repeat(ok, that's wei…