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STORY TIME!! Episode 2

Ella was awake to her reality
She saw blood stains all over her
she was in shock as she was alone in her uncle's car..There was no sign of what could have happened..
she took her phone to call Eric but she couldn't reach him,
He should be reading I trust..
She got up, tried to tidy up herself and walked slowly to his house..
She got there and knocked quietly
Hey darling, where have you been, we have all been worried "he said"
I know but please let me in..We can sort it out later..
Anything for you babe, I just hope you are fine..
She went straight to his bedroom and was trying to get undressed for a bath, he came in and saw blood
What is this Ella? You are not fine, why are you lieing to me? I should call your mum now..

Please don't, pls baby don't do that to me
But you left them in confusion, nobody knows where you are..You can't hide here you know.
So you are saying I should leave right? okay I will..
No baby I can never do that to yo…

STORY TIME!! Episode 1

She screamed but no one could hear her noise
She struggled and cried but no one paid attention..

A night after she left her aunt(Bianca), her Uncle(Richard) decided to drop her off because it was late and she couldn’t decline.
She got in the car and Richard drove off .
On their way, he decided to stop at the cash machine to get some money..
Ella waited patiently in the car but Richard had spent 20 minutes already
It was so dark as she didn't know where exactly he was. She could not think of getting out of the car as it was dangerous. She was getting really nervous as she took her phone to call him but it rang right beside her.
"What is he up to, she couldn't imagine
So many things came to her mind but she couldn't comprehend as she was so scared..Richard had spent an hour already, Is he even fine.. No one knows..
Few minutes later, he came back looking fine and less worried..At this point she was more scared and she couldn't help but ask why he took so long...He …

MetGala 2018

WELCOME TO lENNAHSMINDSPACE JUST A QUICK REVIEW OF THE MET GALA 2018 CELEBRITY OUTFIT. Popularly referred to as “fashion’s biggest night out,” the Met Gala 2018 is a pinnacle of iconic style. A fundraising benefit for the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the event welcomes celebrity stars, young creatives, and industry paragons alike. And the excitement doesn’t stop there—the gala also signifies the highly anticipated grand opening of the Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibition: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” opening on May 10, 2018. HERE ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVOURITE CELEBRITIES AND THEIR OUTFITS Starting with Sza; Her outfit was mind blowing, elegant and at the same time classy. I'll say her look was my best, HERE is her beautiful PINK TULLE versace dress ↓
I am also obsessed with SZA’s makeup. While she opted for a clear glossy lip, her eye makeup is striking. Her lids are painted with a purple duochrome eyeshadow with gold applied to the…