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 Welcome to today's post😽. Today I'm not going to be telling ladies what to wear basically, I'll just be telling you some bad ideas of clothing...It's gonna be nice trust me just keep reading THANK YOU😃. Guys can also read this it might be useful😎
   Before i finally begin, I want to thank you all for being ever supportive and encouraging. Shout out to my friends Luqman, Soal blog and Kymah. You guys are the best, and to every other supportive friend, you are all remembered😙, I LOVE YOU ALL😍.

 Back to what i have today, There are some kind of cloths that don't fit to places we wear them to. I think you know where I'm going now. Let take the ladies trend(off shoulder) as an instance.
Okay take a look at this and imagine me wearing it for a class on a "Monday morning" It's so not nice. There is no crime in not wanting to look "official" as some people say but there are other ways to look like a chic for your first lecture in the week..You can try this!

Now this is the perfect picture for my taught she is wearing a jacket which basically gives you the serious look, the ribbed jean gives it the playful look again and your very nice sneakers or shoes. Ladies please never wear flip flops for a Monday class if possible avoid sandals too. Whatever time is your class on Monday please don't wear a flip flop(or any slippers at all) to a class! 
Avoid some kind of colours too, It's just the beginning of the week you shouldn't look too flashy except you wearing something that speaks about the day. Something like this!

Secondly, understanding what fits your body is a good thing to know. Take risks, go beyond the regular things we see just too look good but please be in the the range of your body shape and size. 
    Whenever you are dressed for an outing, have this in mind....
    1.When i wear this, how comfortable will i be?
    2.Who am i wearing this for?
    3.I hope i don't draw more attention than necessary when i walk.

#If your answer to the first question is "I won't feel comfortable for a reason or the other (cleavage revealing, too short😶, too tight, transparent😎, noisy) but i just have to look like a killer, I want to be noticed😞. Avoid wearing this please!

#If you are wearing it because it is invoke, your best friend owns one, it is valentine i must wear red..then you end up wearing a red dinner dress on the tracks🚴🚵..LOL! or you feel "everybody owns one, i must have it too. It's so not necessary. You should avoid this!

#That moment you walk and you get all eyes on you, It's cool right? but not cool at the same time. It gives people wrong impressions about you. When you get compliments like HOT, SEXY, in a public place (it's so not cool with me and it sounds so offensive tho)..You shouldn't call me sexy when we not in the bedroom!💁 Rather say i look cool, classy, dope, beautiful, charming or just simply say i look good I'm so cool with that.
Look at this!
  Don't wear this and walk up to me...It's scary😩

Now the party look.....We always have an idea for this but sometimes clueless about what to wear for an interview! 
As a lady, I think it is better to have less party wears, be the type that shops for a party but have a wardrobe full of elegant outfit. Most of this outfit can also be worn for parties but the party outfits are most likely unsuitable for all occasion. Look at this!

It's pretty but you might be wrong wearing it for an interview, Go for this instead if you really want to wear a dress!

That's all for this post guys!


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